Greeting from CEO

A&D system is not a big company, but a strong one.

A&D system is a company that is never satisfied with today and moves forward to a better tomorrow with endless efforts.

Since 1984, we established our company in the field of 'Public Defense Warning and Information System' and became the business leader.

With these achievements we have also expanded our business to sensor and early warning systems against various disasters. And became the provider of an integrated Crisis Management Solution.

Now we provide civil defense warning system and crisis management solution for natural disasters.

Furthermore A&D is the leading company in the area of the Radio spectrum Management Solution.

We have joined a project named 'The Establishment of Intelligent Radio Spectrum Management' which is led by the Korean government. The purpose of this project is to implement and provide the systems nationwide.

Starting from this project, we have built radio spectrum receivers in various bandwidth, MMS(Mobile Radio Spectrum Management System), and Transportable Radio Monitoring System. Based on these achievements we even amplified the business further to areas such as Military and Defense in Korea.

A&D never misses the opportunities to join the international market.

In the CMS area, A&D has implemented projects with many foreign countries such as Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia to structure the early disaster warning system of urban or national levels. In RMS area, numerous and different projects have been completed successfully with Laos, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Philippines.

A&D is a company that focuses on the continuous and sustainable research and development of technology and system.

More than half of the employees are engineers of R&D area. They are the most precious assets of A&D to make us the leader in the fields.

A&D takes investment in the human resources because it is one of the most crucial strategies to develop the company. We try to improve the staffs' ability by providing constant education, competency training.

Also the staffs are provided with the best work environment in a friendly atmosphere so that we can work as a family and every member can feel more stable and decent when working.

A&D will not be satisfied with today but keep on doing our best to make the dreams come true in the future.

We always sincerely wish happiness and prosperity for all our customers, partners and supporters.

Thank you.

From Seoul, Korea

President and CEO You-hyuk Kim