Earthquake / Disaster Warning System

Earthquake / Disaster Warning System transmits disaster situation through warning siren and broadcasting to minimize casualties and damages when earthquake or other disaster happens. It commands early warning through linkage with Earthquake center.


Increased number of earthquakes all over the world – 18,500 times of massive earthquake over than 5 degrees intensity in the last decade
Increased population in central area of economy and infrastructure with national development
Moved to a secondary disaster such as damaged power plant, tsunami
To protect lives and national asset from natural disaster and extreme weather such as heavy rain, and snowfalls
required high technology applied Warning System using other various channel such as mass-media, and mobile than broadcasting through outdoor amplifier


Prompt transmission of emergency situation to protect lives and property and minimize secondary disaster
Establishing disaster management system among relevant organizations by implementing Nation Disaster Warning System
Embodying disaster response unified by integrated disaster warning system

Application Area