• A&D has been challenging to the
    limit of 'Dream' all the time.

    For the convenient and comfortable human life, we try to give our best efforts to
    make that dream come through the technologies and it is sustainable and endless
    endeavor for better tomorrow, not only staying with today's achievements.

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  • CMS
    (Crisis Management Solution)

    Crisis Managment Solution of A&D is the Integrated warning system to prevent
    the disasters. It is the system to warn the urgency and inform the public in the case that
    occurrence of natural disasters such as flooding, Tsunami, the forest fire or expected
    military attack in order to protect safety and properties of civilians.

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  • RMS
    (Radio Management Solution)

    RMS, Radio Management Solution of A&D is the one to provide the most optimized
    environment to manage and protect radio spectrum that the public can consume in safety.

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There are no limits to technology, Neither to dreams.

We do our best to make the dreams come true through technology.