RMS(Radio Management Solutions)

Spectrum use in modern society is used in telecommunication area but also every corner of human life widely.

The Radio Spectrum Managment Solution of A&D provides optimized functions and various systems to manage limited frequency resources due to fast growing demands of Spectrum use in the more efficient way.

Radio Spectrum Monitoring
  • Emission Parameter : To measure the quality and parameters of radio spectrum
  • Spectrum Occupancy: To measure Frequency usage and Spectrum Occupancy for radio spectrum status
  • Illegal measurement: To monitor and detect illegal or unregistered station

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Radio Spectrum Direction Finding
  • Radio Spectrum Direction Finding in the range of 9Khz~6Ghz
  • Qualified Direction Finding System with advanced technology and DF algorithm indicating less than RMS 3°
  • High-Speed Scanning and reliable accuracy in complex environment

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  • Radio Spectrum Measurement & Direction Finding Operation Mode
  • Installation / Operation / Connection / Analysis / Result Display
  • Optimized Solution for the operator and customization

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Installation Cases